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As an entrepreneur I have noticed one thing about myself when weighing the viability of a new business opportunity. I begin to think about all the competition that is out there and get paralyzed answering the question of how it’s going to be better. For every business idea I have wholeheartedly pursued, there are a hundred that I haven’t taken action on because I couldn’t justify why my product or service was better than those that already existed.

What finally hit me was that there are so many successful businesses out there, that aren’t the best, some honestly aren’t even that good, yet somehow they manage to be successful in there own right. Likewise there are many entrepreneurs that are not as bright as you, with an idea that isn’t quite as good as yours, but they have done one thing better than you and that is to take action. They didn’t let the thought that their business might not be the best stop them from starting.

If this sounds like you then recognize it for what it is and take action towards pursuing your ideas. If you don’t, then you will continue to do nothing, because now they have the successful business, while you…well you have your 9 to 5 and an idea once ambitious, now a memory of what could have been.

Lesson Learned #2: If you are held back by the feeling that you, or your business idea, isn’t the “perfect” solution or doesn’t have the potential to be the biggest and best in its industry, remember you don’t have to be the best, only better than some.


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