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I just came across a thought-provoking blog post from SEOBook.com called ‘How Your Competitors Can Help You’ and wanted to share.

The article asks some important questions for someone thinking about building a new site or online business and how analysis of your potential competition can provide you with insights and advantages. However, section 5 “What Related Markets Exist?” is what really struck me.

Looking for your next online business opportunity? Try this out:

  1. Pick a keyword that describes your target market: In this case “fitness”
  2. Run a keyword search using Google Keyword Search
  3. Look for patterns in the search results for closely related markets you can enter.

This is best described using the example from post:
Google Screen Shot“You might notice there are numerous searches for fitness locations i.e. a gym, a center, a club. So, instead of targeting fitness in terms of health, which would see you up against established health organizations and generalist publications, you might want to target the fitness center section of the market e.g. a comparison of gyms and centers.”

…Interesting no? Thanks ‘RyanD’ from SEOBook.com.


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