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Well it’s time to dust off the old blog and learn a quick lesson about the Power of Inconsistency.

Inconsistency is the something that we all deal with.  Whether hitting the gym hard for 3 weeks before getting “busy at work” (Guilty), not finishing the last 2 chapters of a book for 6 months because we were “busy” (Guilty), or going MIA for 12 months on a blog due to “time limitations” (Guilty).  Regardless of the excuse, we have all been guilty of being inconsistent in our lives at some point.

The problem with inconsistency is that it kills our momentum in the pursuit of goals.  It pains me to think of all the things I could have done, or where I could be now, if only I had been more consistent in my pursuits.  ‘Where would I be now’ is the BIG QUESTION that reveals the real impact of this reality.

The Big Question

Just ask yourself:  “Where would I be now if I had only kept _______________…?”

Whether the answer is practicing the guitar, learning a language, or working towards a B.A., it becomes blatantly obvious the impact that inconsistency has had on our lives.

Beware the Subtle Stealer of Dreams

Personally, these questions began cycling through my head about a week back when I had read an article by Darren Hardy on How to Win – Every Time! The How-To in his post all boils down to CONSISTENCY.  If you are interested in how inconsistency is the “subtle stealer of dreams” as Darren calls them, I highly recommend checking out his article on the topic.

Moving forward then the question we should all start asking ourselves is; “What am I going to miss out on if I cannot maintain consistency in the pursuit of my goal?”

LESSON LEARNED: Beware the powerful temptress inconsistency; she is the subtle stealer of dreams.


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I was meeting with my friend and fellow entrepreneur Scott Silvi this last weekend, and was explaining to him how I had all these irons in the fire that I could not ignore, but didn’t want to give up on my 4-Hour Workweek in 90 Days. My current commitments include; a job in sales, which at the moment keeps my bills paid, a big iron in the fire with RentUpdate.com, which is a long-term venture, as well as a handful of other projects including this blog as part of my short-term goals. All of them have their place on the list of priorities and meet a certain goal (Keep the Bills Paid, Long-Term, Short-Term, etc.).

So can I accomplish everything at once or do I need to jettison some smaller projects that meet my short-term goals? I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and having thoughts to give in on my 4-Hour Workweek, and asked Scott for advice.

After a few seconds of reflection, Scott replied, “Pay yourself first.”

Most have heard of the concept of paying yourself first in conjunction with personal finances, in which out of every paycheck, before you even pay bills, you take the first x% and dedicate it to yourself (e.g. Save, Tithe, Invest). He went on to explain, that if your short-term goals or smaller projects are important goals that you want to accomplish, then “pay yourself first” and dedicate the first hour of every day focused on the achievement of that smaller short-term goal. That way, at a minimum even if you don’t get back to that goal by the end of the day, you have at least dedicated one hour towards accomplishing it.

So if you are one that also has numerous irons in the fire, and have trouble managing your time between keeping the bills paid, your long and short-term goals, take Scott’s advice. Don’t give up on your goals, “Pay Yourself First” and dedicate the first hour of every day to taking one, even small step, towards achievement.

Thanks Scott…

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